Controversial Public School Dress Code Could Go Into Effect In Texas

Public school dress codes are known to cause debate among parents and students as they come with controversial restrictions on hairstyles, what clothes are deemed "appropriate", make-up selections and more. Here in Texas, parents of Austin Independent School District (AISD) are fighting for big changes to come as its current dress code was recently challenged by a group of petitioners.

The document reads as follows:

"The current district dress code does not uphold the AISD values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. It contains vague language, arbitrary restrictions, and emphasizes bans on clothing that are primarily worn by females and minorities. It also allows for individual schools to create additional restrictions, which leads to further inequality across our district."

In response, the school district drafted a potential new dress code that would do away with many of the current dress code restrictions. Under the proposal, students would be allowed to wear athletic gear, hats, shorts, spaghetti straps, and even pajamas! Although hundreds of parents signed the petition, not everyone is in agreement with the potential changes and some parents view them as too "relaxed" and "inappropriate."



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