It seems that our elected leaders are forgetting that we remain a nation at war, instead constantly waging war on each other and bludgeoning the mere thought of the patriotism and what it might mean to individual …. Not elected .. not celebrity, just regular Americans and many of them, true heroes of this country.

Soldiers like Sergeant Major James G Sartor of Teague, Texas who was killed in action on Saturday, in Afghanistan, in a battle with the Taliban. Yes, the war in Afghanistan is almost 20 years ongoing now.

The Sergeant Major enlisted in 2001, shortly after 9-11. He was Special Forces, a Green Beret and Army Ranger, awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star in previous tours.

As we mourn this American and Texan, maybe it’s time to look at the video we have posted. It is a 60 second food commercial of all things that celebrates the true meaning of patriots.



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