YUCK: Cockroaches are evolving, and you can't kill them

They're big. Nobody likes them. And you might not be able to kill them.

Cockroaches - as we all know - are hard to get rid of, and a new study from Purdue University suggests the German cockroach – the most common in the world – is quickly evolving to resist insecticides.

The study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports and led by Purdue professor Michael E. Scharf, was conducted over six months at two low-rise multi-housing units in Indiana and Illinois. In the study, Scharf and his fellow researchers tried three methods of controlling cockroach populations.

Using the first method, the researchers rotated three insecticides. In the second, they mixed two together. In the third, they pre-determined which insecticide a population wouldn’t have a resistance to, then used that particular insecticide over the course of six months.

Not only did two of the methods not work particularly well, but Scharf says that he and his team could watch the roaches develop resistances “in real time.”

Large Cockroach On A White Surface.


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