Just when the day seems darkest….the light appears?

In watching the terrible destruction and chaos of the burning Notre Dame, it appeared there was no hope of saving the 850 year old structure from total ruin, in this Holy Week.And yet ….within hours…the fire is out, the structure largely intact, rose windows and artifacts secure….no loss of life. And one injury among the 400 plus firefighters….the cathedral tourists had already vacated for the day. Notre Dame still stands and in the light of day, you know it can be rebuilt.

At the same time we reported this on Houston’s Morning News, I was struck by the story of the dog….struggling to stay afloat….more than 100 miles offshore Thailand. No one knows how long he swam. Buthe approached an offshore rig and those drillers rescued him.Terrified but alive….and now firmly back onshore with people lining up to adopt him.

Just when the time seems darkest….that was the light of this day.



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