Entitling The Crime?

Is this just another example of social justice nullifying true justice? It’s the proposal of the District Attorney in Dallas….to pass on prosecuting petty crime.

Ok, maybe you can make the case for small amounts of marijuana, even public indecency or vandalism, small cases that clog up the courts. But this Democrat D.A. also lumps in theft in amounts less than $750 dollars. So, it would be okay for a criminal to steal your treasured jewelry from your grandmother, or the flag from your father’s funeral, or the garden pots from your very yard. Will Dallas police stop answering calls for help because the DA will not prosecute. It’s all about evening up the criminal justice prosecution and incarceration rates, from a viewpoint of “social” justice. But where is the justice for the victims of petty crime? And what is the tipping point for victims? $750?

We talked to criminology professor Alex Del Carmen about the issue on Houston's Morning News. Check out our interview and the original story below.

Texas D.A. Stops Prosecuting Petty Crimes
Texas D.A. Stops Prosecuting Petty Crimes


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