Semen Allergy Reported By Lover

(Spain) -- A Spanish woman is recovering after reportedly having an allergic reaction to her lover's semen. Medical officials say the 31-year-old woman showed up at the General University Hospital of Alicante vomiting, short of breath and broken out in hives. They quickly determined she was suffering from an anaphylactic reaction, but couldn't determine the cause.

That is until they found out that her reaction followed her having sex with her partner. A rare semen allergy does exist, but doctors think she may have reacted to what was in the semen.

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Her partner took a specific medication, containing a type of penicillin, just four hours before the intercourse. After treating her, they wrote up her case as part of a scientific study, which is now published in a journal. Medical officials advise using condoms, especially if one's partner is using any medication that they could be allergic to.


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