The Popular NEW Way Kids Are Getting DRUNK!

Students in Atlanta have been showing up at school drunk -- and they haven't even needed someone over 21 to buy alcohol for them.

Grady High School officials have issued a warning to schools all over the U.S. after they discovered a number of their students have been getting wasted on bourbon vanilla extract. They say students have been buying the baking ingredient from the grocery store, then mixing it in with Starbucks coffee so they can catch a buzz on their way to school.

While vanilla extract might not seem terribly potent, it should be noted that a tiny bottle is 70 proof, which is almost as high as a bottle of vodka. In one case, a student had to be hospitalized after partaking in the new fad, school officials say.

What common household items do you have to keep away from your kids? If vanilla extract's alcohol content is so high, shouldn't there be an age restriction for buying it?

bottles of vanilla extract


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