GRAPHIC PHOTO: Man Has Tooth Pulled... From His NOSE!

A man went to a hospital in Denmark after continually suffering from a stuffy nose and then eventually losing his sense of smell completely.

After getting scanned, a mass was found in the man's nasal cavity. Doctors believed that it was a cyst.

But when doctors went to remove the mass they didn't find a cyst, instead they found a rogue tooth.

"A retained nasal tooth is rare, and the symptoms are variable," a report said. "It can resemble other diseases such as chronic rhinosinusitis. Surgical removal is recommended to confirm the diagnosis and eliminate symptoms."

An explanation for the growth of the tooth has yet to be determined.

What are your thoughts on this man's nasal issue? What is the weirdest thing a doctor has found when performing surgery? Have you ever had to get something removed from your nose by a doctor?


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