AUDIO: TIME AGAIN……. Shara Fryer

Here it comes again….not just the springing forward of time as we know it, but the recurring debate about the point of this switch between standard and daylight saving time that we do twice a year.

How do we actually save daylight anyway?I mean, you can lengthen a dress by dropping it off the shoulders….but it’s still the same amount of fabric.

For those of us who must head toward sleep around sunset, it’s even harder when that sunset doesn’t happen until 9 pm.Guess you know where I stand on the subject, but it’s a debate always lost to competing interests.Nonetheless, the bill is introduced once again to the Texas Legislature by Senator Jose Menendez.He told Houston’s Morning News, he doesn’t care which time we use….but let’s just not switch back and forth as we do.You can listen to his interview….and maybe add your support to your own representatives….to at least vote the matter.


State lawmakers are again trying to abolish daylight saving time in Texas, arguing it's antiquated. But supporters of the practice argue it gives Texans a crucial extra hour of light in the evenings during the summer months. State Sen. Jose Menéndez, D-San Antonio joins us!



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