AUDIO (:55) - BBQ EXPERIENCE - Shara Fryer

Can a Texan remember his first taste of bbq? I don’t think I do…it’s just so much a part of our menu, actually our lifestyle… that it’s really eye-opening to see the video we have posted at KTRH on our Houston’s Morning News blog.

It’s a British couple trying Texas bbq for the first time. At the pace they are eating….safe to say they are almost engulfed by the experience. They happen to be in New Braunfels….but this scene could play out in virtually any piece or corner or family home in this state. Not that there aren’t different specialties among us. Hill Country folk are partial to mesquite wood, while South Central Texas, where I grew up….we tend to use oak….sometimes pecan. What outside folk are usually the most surprised by….we do make our own charcoal out of wood…. None of that bag bought stuff for a quick grill. Because it’s all about the slow smoke and the mop. And the appreciation of what I like to think is a particularly Texan skill.



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