AUDIO (4:08) -- "TEA PARTY BAGGED" ~ Shara Fryer

We asked the question on Houston’s Morning News….what happened to the Tea Party? Seems like just yesterday the grassroots movement was setting up rallies and gatherings….where they did no physical damage, assaulted no one, and even cleaned up after themselves leaving no trash behind.

Quite a contrast to those “Occupy” folks, if you remember. The Tea Party began in 2009…largely as a protest to government spending and the not- affordable- care act known as Obamacare. Despite being bagged by the IRS preventing its growth…

Ten years later, it has not exactly died…just morphed…as we heard from National Tea Party Founder Judson Phillips. He calls it Tea Party 2.0…referring to Trump. The grassroots movement dissatisfied with the direction of government…became the basis for not electing Hillary Clinton and over the years has grown into entities like the Freedom Caucus and greater numbers of Conservatives elected to office. You can hear the podcast at


Here's a recap and what's to come Thursday on Houston’s Morning News!



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