AUDIO (:46) - BIG HEART HOUSTON - Photos by Matt Waliszek

It’s always a glitzy and glamorous evening….the annual gala of the American Heart Association …the Heart Ball. This year was no exception. I was happy to emcee with the best view of the black- tie-style, dancing, auctions of select wine and travel packages, all to raise funds, focused this year on pediatric and congenital heart issues and research. That was the true heart of the evening….the Houston’s Children Chorus of 100 kids carrying a single balloon to represent the 1 in every 100 babies born in the U.S. with heart defect. The audience met an incredible family of such children….who are bravely carrying a banner of hope. That really opened the pocketbooks in the bidding and by night’s end hundreds of thousands of dollars had been raised…as happens often in Big Heart Houston.

P.S. And what fun to run into my former tv co-anchor Bob Boudreaux.



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