One of the most incredible things about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the vast expansion of it …. into all aspects of our community, the state and even the world.

Yes it’s a rodeo and a trade show and an agriculture fair and educational event and entertainment venue…..yet, the miracle of Rodeo Houston is how it has drawn not just the competitors and performers to its big venue, but rather, enlisting the broader community into being particpants.

Trail rides that began weeks ago to publicize the Rodeo.

37,000 volunteers from the community aiding the lean staff in every aspect of the extravaganza…

Last week I emceed the International Committee luncheon honoring the 90+ Consulates in Houston, encouraging business and hospitality to international visitors here.

The top wines have already been chosen and paired with local restaurant offering in “Best Bites” competition. School art has been judged and is it ever incredible. These auctions will be underway before the Rodeo performances even begin.

And then there’s the World Championship BBQ contest, Rodeo parade, Go Texan Day….it just goes on….before I even mention the $$$ awarded in scholarships to Texas youth or the gargantuan economic benefit to the Houston economy. That’s Rodeo Houston!


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