It wasn’t your normal State of the Union Address …the kind that puts everyone but political watchers to sleep. This one was great showmanship….maybe as only Trump can engender. For the Democrats and opposition had their game faces and costumes and performed very well in silent disapproval while the President also delivered on every level….substance of speech, tone, humor toward his antagonists and warmth to the Americans he brought to Congress as his guests. And that was real delivery…..World War II veterans, saluted by a Holocaust Survivor, a ten year old girl who battles brain cancer while raising funds for St Jude, Angel Moms, felons who turned their lives around and were released from prison under new guidelines of his administration.

Yes, Trump highlighted his successes, positioned himself by calling for unity in Congress to work and win for the people rather than the party….but it was all with a deft amount of showmanship. Only one person seemed to fall asleep…. Trump….11 year old Joshua Trump invited by the President after being bullied in school over his name.


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