AUDIO (:55) Shara Fryer - 33 years since CHALLENGER

That sick feeling is here again….of every January 28 of the past 33 years, marking the Shuttle Challenger tragedy. Do you remember what you were doing when you learned of the disaster? I was at a Houston elementary school as the Governor of Texas Mark White visited. Our nation’s children were especially impacted by the death of the first school teacher in space Christa McAuliffe. The heroism of the Challenger 7 is the bedrock of exceptionalism….something we shouldn’t forget. Nor their legacy.

In reading about this anniversary, I learned that Commander Dick Scobee’s son Richard followed his father’s path…in the Air Force he grew into being a fighter pilot, combat in the Persian Gulf war, commander of Kirkuk Airbase in Iraq, now a 3 Star General and Commander of the Air Force reserves. And yes, as America this year launches astronauts from Florida once again, General Scobee and the Air Force reserves will interface with them. That is legacy.



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