TIMELAPSE: Super Wolf Blood Moon

The Super Wolf Blood Moon was Sunday night.

Were you able to stay up last night? Did you see the Super Wolf Blood Moon that appeared in the sky last night? ? A "Super Wolf Blood Moon" likely delighted viewers from the Americas, Europe, and most of Africa on the evening of Jan. 20.

The total lunar eclipse was visible in North America Sunday night and will still be viewable Monday morning.  It's called a Blood Moon because of the reddish hue of the moon during the eclipse, and a Supermoon because it appears bigger, due to its closer proximity to Earth.  

January's full moon is also called the Wolf Moon.  Weather and sky conditions did cooperate, so viewers in the U.S. were able to see the moon turn deep crimson last night, Sunday at 11:41 p.m. Eastern.  

Here is video of the time lapse for the Super Wolf Blood Moon...



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