The Super, Blood, Wolf Moon, total eclipse was beyond superlatives to describe. Even the photos from around the world are breathtaking. So I’ll not try to describe the sky…but rather the reaction in my neighborhood from we Earth-bound watchers. (Of course, give Earth credits for the event).

It turned into a block party…gathering on the corner…neighbors I rarely see, new ones I got to meet, and passersby (do that many people jog or walk dogs at that hour?) A gathering of … geeks…or nerds as my physician neighbor laughingly called us. He took the time to look through binoculars for a super view. Most of us filled camera flash drives…but phone shots and naked eye were also show stoppers . Posting one from Richard.. now grown to adulthood. I really enjoyed the talk with the man I remember as a baby. That was the Super Lunar event.

Photo by Shara Fryer


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