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Over 1.3 Million Still Without Power 2 Days After Hurricane Beryl

Two days after Hurricane Beryl wiped out power for some 2.26 million people across the greater Houston area, there are still over 1.3 million waiting for CenterPoint to get the lights back on.

CenterPoint continues to say that their goal is to get 1 million total customers back online by the end of the day today, but that's of little comfort to Houstonians who have been pushing through the heat without AC for the last 2 days.

CenterPoint's outage map has been offline since the derecho in May, meaning customers have no estimates on when they can expect their power to come back on.
Many Houstonians are using the Whataburger App to track the outages after a post on X went viral.

Frustrated residents have been calling into KTRH for days now. One person went so far as to let their feelings be known in a piece of graffiti under an overpass that reads “Centerpointle$$.”

However, CenterPoint continues to try and spin the situation, saying they have restored power to 40% of the customers affected. But, that means 60% are still in the dark.

“We take our responsibility of serving our customers and working as safely and as quickly as possible to restore service very seriously,” said Lynnae Wilson, Senior Vice President, Electric Business. “At the same time, we fully understand our customers are hot and growing more impatient with their outages.”  

As a result of ongoing power outages, many schools are remaining closed today; you can see the complete list here.

You can view CenterPoint's interactive outage map here.

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