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Mayor Whitmire: "We Are Going To Hold CenterPoint Accountable"

With over one million Houston residents still without power, Mayor John Whitmire said again that the city plans to hold CenterPoint accountable.

"I hold them accountable on a regular basis. We expect CenterPoint to be prepared, they can do better" Whitmire said, "They need to do a review of action."

CenterPoint says there's nothing to review, but they still can't give firm answers on when the lights will be back on.

"We understand it's frustrating, it's just as frustrating for us because we want to get an idea of exactly what we need" said CenterPoint's Brad Tutunjian, who was grilled by City Council for an hour, "But until we have all of that information, it's really hard for us to just say."

Fellow CenterPoint V.P. Jason Ryan was also interviewed by our tv partner Channel 2, and said they plan to spend $1.45 billion on a new resiliency plan over the next two years.

Some of the main questions we have received in the KTRH newsroom are, where are the trucks? Or, why are they parked?

"We know our customers are hot, the men and women doing this work are hot" Ryan said to KPRC, "They are taking breaks, they are rehydrating. So, that may be another reason why you see the crews not actively working. But they are out there working."

In the meantime, the excessive heat warning in Houston continues.

"We're going to hold them accountable" Whitmire said after the meeting at City Hall, "We demand that they do better. I inherited a city that needed fixing."

Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

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