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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick "CenterPoint Will Have To Answer For Themselves"

At a press conference in Galveston where he was joined by County Judge Mark Henry, Senator Ted Cruz, and other local leaders, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick put CenterPoint on blast amid a report from our tv partner channel 2, that CenterPoint did not have crews staged and ready to go like they should have after Hurricane Beryl.

"CenterPoint will have to answer for themselves" Patrick said, "If they were prepared, and if they were positioned, their company is responsible for that."

In the meantime, Hurricane Beryl is responsible for a new record 2.2 million being without power.

"We are urging them to work as quickly as they can" Patrick told the media, "To restore the power in the safest, but in the quickest way they can."

The acting Governor also announced that president Joe Biden has approved a request to declare a federal emergency disaster declaration for the state of Texas.

FEMA will cover all costs for debris and emergency protective measures, which will expedite the recovery process and help Texans impacted by the storm.

“I have just spoken with President Biden. I have requested a federal emergency disaster declaration through FEMA to cover all costs for Category A (Debris) and Category B (Emergency Protective Measures). FEMA’s assistance with these costs will expedite the recovery process and help ensure the safety of Texans impacted by Hurricane Beryl. The president granted my request,” Patrick stated in a release.

Senator Ted Cruz also spoke about Texans stepping up to help fellow Texans.

"When there is a crisis, there are no Republicans or Democrats, there are no racial differences or ethnic differences " Cruz said, "It is just Texans helping Texans, and that's an amazing thing."

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