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LA Just Passed 11 Laws To Make Elections More Secure, What About Texas?

With less than 4 months to go now until the November elections, you may not have heard, but the state of Louisiana quietly passed 11 new election integrity bills. So where do things stand here in Texas?

"Texas has one of the most secure systems in the country, most groups rate us #5 or #6 on election security and election integrity" said State Senator, Bryan Hughes, "But it's not perfect, we still have work to do."

And topping the list, is some unfinished work from the last Texas legislative session.

"The most important one is requiring citizenship verification to register to vote" Hughes told KTRH, "I had a bill, SB 1600 last year that passed the Senate, but did not make it through the House. We'll be filing that bill again."

Also on the Texas election list according to state senator Hughes is banning 'ranked choice voting'. "It's been a disaster everywhere they've tried it" noted Hughes, "Again, the Texas Senate passed a bill to ban ranked choice voting, it did not make it all the way through the House, and we'll be filing that again next session."

He adds they are continuing to clean up the mail-in ballot process, cracking down on ballot harvesting, and doing more clean-up with the voter rolls.

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