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What Happened To The Great American Novel

If you are a book-reader, you may not have noticed that most of the bestseller's on Amazon's top 100 list are self help books, and airport fiction.

Spelling it out in a different way, there is currently a 'book publishing crisis' in the U.S.

"There have been firings, layoffs, and a lot of buyouts" said Roger Friedman, founder of Showbiz 411, "Everyone in media is contracting, their economy is not that great, artificial intelligence is coming in, and you're seeing a lot of dumbing down of the audience."

On the current Amazon list, you have to go all the way down to #81 to find a 'literary' writer. So where are all of the Hemingway's

"The Hemingway's are all writing mini-series for Netflix" Friedman told KTRH, "That's always been an issue about television siphoning off really good writers."

With that said, Freidman said he expects most of the great in the industry that have lost their job, to resurface with smaller publishers.


Photo: AFP Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

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