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Democrat Controller Still Has Houston Firefighters Deal On Hold

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Today the Houston City Council was expected to consider the Firefighters pay deal, but the only vote they could take was on the $650 million dollar bond for back pay, which passed 14-3.

As for the CBA, that has still not been certified by City Controller Chris Hollins. Mayor Whitmire reportedly answered all of the questions that Hollins had about the deal, but now it appears that the deal has been pushed off again until next week's deadline.

Some of the Democrats on the City Council also called for the already agreed upon collective bargaining agreement to be put on the November ballot, which is not possible.

Mayor Whitmire became increasingly frustrated with the Council, saying quote "Any delay is going to gut the settlement, and is irresponsible", while also snapping at Councilman Edward Pollard, "What's your plan"?

Marty Lancton, the head of the Firefighters Union, said, "There are more politics being played when this is serious work. It's not appropriate; it's time to move on. The judge has signed off."

After eight years of negotiations between the city and the union, they were finally able to come to an agreement. Lancton says he met with the controller, even taking him out to a fire station and asking if he had any questions.

Lancton says this political stall is disappointing, and he hopes that the deal gets done before the new fiscal year begins on July 1st.

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