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USPS now wants you to replace mailbox due to package theft

The rise in stupid crimes in America has run amok in the last few years. For awhile, it was 'trendy' on TikTok to kick in peoples front doors at three o'clock in the morning, because 'it is funny.' When really, it just tends to fall under the umbrella of home invasion. We are long removed from the times in 2009 where 'planking' was the trend. While there was some issue with the action, it was okay because there was no criminality. But we have progressed to new heights now.

In the last few years, especially under Joe Biden, the new trend has become theft. There have been so-called 'flash mobs' breaking into stores and shoplifting in broad daylight, which is silly enough on its own. But there has also been a rampant increase in package theft and mail theft, which as a reminder, is a felony. It has gotten so where the United States Postal Service is asking you, a homeowner, to take care of it yourself.

They want people to replace their mailboxes with bigger ones now to combat the theft. In essence, they are saying your pitiful little mailbox is the reason that criminals are stealing. It is not the criminal's fault, and it is certainly not USPS fault for leaving your package haphazardly on the doorstep. It is your problem.

Former Houston Police Captain Greg Fremin says this is victim blaming at its finest. Even worse, they have their own resources to stop the problem.

"This is why they have the US Postal Police...this is their job to investigate mail theft...and that sends the wrong message," he says. "There is no deterrence...when you start having new policies and procedures like that, you embolden more criminals."

Liberals in particular like to marginalize these criminals, saying many of them are 'doing so to feed their family,' or for 'basic survival.' It is a point buried under fifty feet of delusion.

But in many cities, these liberal geniuses run the show, which is the root of this whole problem.

"In a lot of these cities...the prosecutors and DAs are punishing victims and rewarding criminals...that is not the way this country should be run," he says. "If they do not get hold of it soon, it is just going to get worse."

Indeed, these liberal prosecutors have allowed criminals to roam free in cities. Many places do not even prosecute shoplifting, theft, burglary, and various other crimes. They instead let these people walk free on low bail, and do the same thing again, and again.

All of this soft on crime nonsense has helped ruin many businesses. Places like Walgreens and Target are locking up merchandise because of the theft. We have essentially encourages criminal activity at every turn and have let them feel safe in doing so.

The only way back is to reverse track and bring the hammer down on these people.

"You have to change the laws and get tough on crime again...you need to hold people accountable...and if you do not, you just condone bad behavior. Criminals are not stupid...they wil take advantage of this loophole, and that is what they are doing," he says.

But as citizens, we do cause a small bit of the problem.

"Things that used to be seen as an outrageous thing to do...is now the norm. People get complacent...and it is a very dangerous thing...when we cease enforcing laws, we become lesser as a democracy," he says. "The governments job is to protect citizens...and they are not doing that in many of these cities."

Fremin adds that it is heartbreaking to see this softness happen, especially for officers who are just trying to protect their cities.

But until someone decides to grow a backbone and stop feeling bad for these roving bands of idiots, you might want to invest in that bigger mailbox.

USPS Post Office Mail Trucks. The Post Office is responsible for providing mail delivery VIII

Photo: jetcityimage / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

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