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Election Fatigue Setting In – And It's Only June

According to a new poll released by the Pew Research Center, more than half of Americans are following election news closely, and many more are already worn out with election news fatigue.

"It's not surprising that there is news fatigue by many" said Joe Concha, with FOX News, "Given everything with the Trump trial and Joe Biden, I think many folks just want to shut things down for awhile and not have to hear about this election, which is still well over 100 days away."

But with that said, he points out that things should get very interesting after the first presidential debate in a couple of weeks, and even more so if Biden bombs on the stage against Donald Trump.

The Dems could make a major move at the DNC Convention in August, in Chicago.

"The party that runs on saving democracy from Donald Trump, will literally pull a soviet style installment of a candidate" Concha told KTRH, "And they get their Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom, without primary voters."

The poll also found that older Americans are far more likely to search for political news.

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