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Crime: Now It's Body Cams For Retail Workers

It is truly yet another, sad sign of the times. As growing retail crime continues all across the U.S., TJ Maxx and Marshall's are now having their workers wear body cams to try and stop thieves.

“We're seeing more and more people come to the point that are running companies that are like, we can't do this anymore" said retail expert, Richard Weylman.

”Inflation is already bad enough, and a lot of retailers are coming to the place that they're just not going to take it anymore."

Clearly, the tide has turned on the post 2020 push of coddling criminals. But ultimately, body cams can only go so far.

"When there is no punishment for the crime, and it's ok to steal this much because we're not going to prosecute you" Weylman told KTRH, "As a result of that, body cams aren't going to do anything."

What really needs to be done?

"The truth is, if you steal something you're a thief" noted Weylman.

"This whole shift away from understanding right from wrong, and the lack of values of other people or the property of other people, we've gotten away from that as a country. And as a consequence of that, we've fallen behind."

According to the National Retail Federation, more than a third of retailers are looking into body cams.

Close-up of a Body cam, audio/video recording equipment on Police officer

Photo: reddees / iStock / Getty Images

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