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Woke Texas A&M Plans To Implement Biden’s Controversial Title IX Rewrite

According to a report from Texas Scorecard, Texas A&M is planning to implement Joe Biden's radical Title IX rewrite this summer.

The 1,500 pages of new rules include the addition of 'gender identity' as a protected class, which will force schools to allow biological males to use female spaces. And if schools refuse, federal funding would be withheld.

"They are scrambling to, that was what we had reported" said Brandon Waltens, who broke the story, "Biden's new Title IX changes that have been gaining a lot of controversy, and a lot of pushback."

After hearing about A&M's agenda, Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to all of the heads of the public universities in the state, instructing them to ignore Biden's Title IX rewrite which is scheduled to go into effect in August.

"Texas A&M's response so far has been to say they're considering it, but they haven't said that they're not going to implement it which is pretty shocking, especially after the governor comes out and specifically told them not to" Waltens said.

If that's not bad enough, Texas A&M's Director of Title IX said in a recent interview that Biden's rewrite didn't go far enough, and should include transgender competition. Multiple outlets have reported that the Biden administration purposely left out trans athletics because of the election.

It is truly hard to believe that a once proud, conservative university, has gone completely 'woke'.

"Now you have more people waking up to this" Waltens told KTRH, "The Texas legislature and the governor will hopefully be reining them in and exercising their authority, because they're ultimately accountable to us."

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