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The House GOP proposes a destruction of Pentagon censorship

Years of censorship in Washington might be coming to an end soon. House GOP members are proposing in the 2024 Defense Reauthorization Bill to tear apart the regime of censorship that goes on at the Pentagon.

That would mean the Pentagon would no longer have ability to blacklist certain news sources, which they have done heavily to Republican outlets. The New York Post, Newsmax, most reputable Conservative establishments have been barred from information, in fears they will 'spread disinformation.'

Former Army captain and Houston-based attorney Sean Timmons says this is a long overdue measure taken by Republicans.

"It seems to be be excessive and demonstrative of extreme bias...the Deep State is hard left, we have known that for 20 years now. They are doing all they can to re-elect Biden...part of that is censoring publications," he says.

An example of that would be the Hunter Biden laptop story, when liberals cried that it was all misinformation. We now know of course it was all factual. But, censorship is being used as a tool to undermine Americans now.

Of course, it is sure to be met with staunch disagreements from Democrats, and even some Republicans.

"The party unfortuinately contains about 30 individuals compromised to the Deep State...who have taken donations from fortign entityies. They cannot go along with a Conservative agenda, because...if they got exposed would face incarceration," he says.

We have had recent exposure of corruption among Republicans as well, with New York Congressman George Santos facing indictments over fraud, identity theft, and a litany of other charges.

So, it will face opposition, it will be fought tooth and nail by compromised individuals who want to keep Conservative ideology and news censored. But the other side of the fence might not even be the real issue here.

It could be the GOP itself.

"I am not sure Republicans are going to maintain enough unity to pass it," he says. "They could not even impeach DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas for his dereliction of responsibilities...it is hard to say we will put together a bill that passes Conservative principles."

US Pentagon at sunset

Photo: icholakov / iStock / Getty Images

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