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Biden's Military Looks to Illegals to Boost Recruiting Levels

Biden's woke military continues to struggle with recruiting, but may start filling ranks with scores of single, military-aged men streaming across the southern border.

Granting such waivers puts new recruits on a pathway to citizenship. Retired Army captain and JAG lawyer Sean Timmons calls it the perfect opportunity.

"Luring unsuspecting applicants who are economically depressed, or economically desperate, into the ranks is one of the mechanisms for recruiting," he says.

But there's no guarantee foreign-born soldiers would remain loyal to the U.S.

"We've uncovered Chinese espionage rings on active duty, literally serving as Chinese migrants or immigrants, cloaked as impoverished rice field workers when they really under the direction of the Chinese government to be spies."

Timmons says they may just take their U.S. military training and turn it against us.

"Are they there for the proper reasons? For patriotic duty to the country? Or are they learn to use tactics and weapons usage to bring back to their gang fight locally? Or internationally back in their home country?"

Surge In Migration Overwhelms Texas Border City Of Eagle Pass

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