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Biden's Open Border Is "Economic Warfare" On Americans

While much of debate over Joe Biden's open border policies centers around human and drug trafficking, public safety and cost to taxpayers, a Republican from the Buckeye State summed up the "economic warfare" on American citizens.

Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance made it a point during a recent committee meeting to explain how an influx of new people is driving up home prices.

"If you think about what it means to have 20 or 25 million illegal undocumented illegal immigrants in a country where we're not building enough housing, that puts incredible pressure. You have way more buyers for way fewer homes," he says.

"Illegal immigration means theft of the American Dream of housing when you have 25 million people who shouldn't be here by law, competing with American citizens to buy their first home, to rent a home."

Axios recently reported "Soaring housing costs and the end of some pandemic-era safety nets have fueled an affordable housing shortage, causing homelessness to rise in many cities."

And Breitbart's John Binder says there are many who profit from open borders.

"Certain industries would be entirely in favor of this," he says. "The real estate developers. The hotel industry. That's because once you bring in tons of people, all of those people have to be housed somewhere."

Not only are they competing for homes, but jobs too. Effectively keeping wages down.

"It's likely unbearable for one one state (like Texas or New York) to handle, in terms of the market rate cost of everything. From housing to depletion of wages. It's across everything," Binder added.


Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

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