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TX Rep. Harrison: Add Border Security, Medical Freedom to Special Session

State lawmakers are preparing for a third special session next month on school vouchers, but one North Texas Republican wants a lot more added to the agenda.

Midlothian state Rep.Brian Harrison told KTRH's Michael Berry he wants to bring back stiffer border security measures that failed during regular session.

"We were going to create a whole border protection unit. We were going to give the governor multiple new statutory authorities. It had the Texas Title 42 Act, something I had written," he said.

And he says many Texans are shocked to learn COVID mandates still exist.

"Dade Phelan and his number two Dustin Burrows, it was so important to them to keep COVID mandates in Texas, to have unvaccinated Texans be fired and lose their jobs, they they killed that bill. Didn't even let it get onto the Floor," said Harrison.

"Freedom loving Texans are having to choose between their livelihood, their ability to earn a living, to provide for their family. Or to take a vaccine that they may not want, they may not need," he added. "And they may be medically contraindicated for it. It may harm them. There's a chance of that."

No response yet from Gov. Abbott, who is the only person who can set the agenda.

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