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Mexico Accepts Agreement to Stem Migrant Numbers at Southern Border

Mexico agrees to "depressurize" areas along the border with the U.S. including in the El Paso, Eagle Pass, and San Diego areas.

The agreement was reached Friday for Mexico to deport migrants to their home countries in a multi-pronged effort to deter migrants from border crossings.

Officials from Mexico met with US Customs and Border Protections officials on Friday in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Mexico will implement more than a dozen actions to deter use of the railway system to reach the border.

Saturday evening an overflow shelter in El Paso planned to be available under mounting financial pressure to provide even basic services.

Fifteen actions in the agreement have been outlined as negotiations are set to begin between Mexico and Columbia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

US Border Patrol agents will be permitted to expel migrants trying to pass through the Ciudad Juarez International Bridge in El Paso.

The Institute of Mexico says they have deported more than 788,000 migrants to their country of origin so far in 2023.

photo: Getty Images

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