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Female Pedestrain Killed In Houston Last Night

A woman is dead and Houston police are on the hunt for the big rig that led to her death downtown Friday night.

Commander Reece Hardy with HPD says a young woman was not feeling well while hanging out with friends and standing very close to the street at Travis and Franklin downtown around 7 last night.

“It looks like she lost consciousness and fell into the street just as an 18-wheeler was passing by. The rear axle of the 18-wheeler struck her and unfortunately she succumbed to her injuries,” Hardy said.

HPD says the driver of the 18-wheeler did not stop appeared unaware of what happened.

“Based on what we can tell, it appears the driver didn’t even know. The driver kept going, stopped at the light, didn’t appear to be getting away or anything it just looks like the driver was completely unaware,” he said.

Hardy described the 18-wheeler as a newer gray big rig with a clear, white trailer.

“If this sounds like a trailer that belongs to your company or to you as a driver, we need you to contact our Vehicular Crimes Division and that way we can piece it all together,” Hardy said.

Authorities had originally said the woman was riding an electric scooter, but clarified on the scene that the woman happened to be next to scooters on the street, but wasn’t riding one.

photo: Getty Images

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