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The all-Elective Vehicle dream by Democrats in early stages of implosion

For many a year now, Democrats and climate activists have pitched the narrative that electric vehicles are the next big thing, and that this will be the fad of the future. It was received fairly well for a while, with plenty of people who could actually afford it hopping on the train. Democrats have ridden those few coattails and continued pushing a total switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric.

But, as time has progressed, that love of the new has gone by the wayside, and problems with the idea have come to the forefront. Economist Ron Ross says for starters, the ever-strained power grid does not do us any favors.

"There is just not enough electricity...it would be way short of what is necessary to make a big, total switch," he says. "Right now, about 7% to 9% of sold vehicles are electric...they want to increase that to a majority...and it just is not going to work."

You could say that the Democrats bit off more than they could chew with their all-EV vision. However, you can also call it what is really is, and that is a total delusional fantasy.

Besides just the financial burden of buying an EV being unrealistic for regular people, there just is not much of a 'wow factor' with these new electric modes of transportation.

"People just are not impressed...especially with the disadvantages, like the charging time. For most people, their scarcest resource is time. It takes about five minutes to fuel your gasoline vehicle...but can take hours to charge your EV," he says. "Plus, there are not enough charging stations."

There has been a push to get nationwide EV charging stations off major freeways and such, but it is just not feasible to expect a charging station within every mile of road. Which brings about another problem that Ross calls 'range anxiety' among prospective buyers.

"The range is limited on these...and once your battery goes down, people wonder if there will be a charging station even available," he says.

All of these issues combined, the power grid, oversupply, and buyer wariness, spell trouble for the Left's All-EV dream.

"They are trying to do something that is a practical impossibility...there are going to be more and more problems that become obvious," he says. "It is hard to say how it all pans out, but it will in some way...things like this being forced are hard to predict."

In the end, he says this will just lead to resentment for EV's and to people sticking with their regular gas-powered cars.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Photo: Richard Newstead / Moment / Getty Images

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