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Here's What's Really Happening Inside Of Your Child's Classroom

Just when you thought education-indoctrination was under control here in Texas? Think again!

A Texas high school teacher was caught on video, pushing her completely false 'trans' beliefs, during a class that was supposed to be about 'healthy relationships'.

"We're going to hop into what trans is" said Amanda Diaz, the teacher who was caught on video, "Transgender is when the doctor decided you are a certain gender based on what they assumed your outsides look like, and then later it turned out that wasn't true." Huh?

The trans-gression took place at Lockhart High School in Austin. At first, the superintendent tried to defend the teaching, but has since called for a pause due to heavy backlash from parents.

"Sadly, I wasn't surprised" said Lisa Alpe, Spring Branch ISD v.p., "It's wrong, when people are activists and they are intent on teaching this kind of stuff, it doesn't seem that much deters them, except for parent involvement."

So, while Texas lawmakers are trying to do their part by passing legislation, it's still going to be up to the parents to push back, and weed out this radical 'woke' ideology that has spread in our schools.

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