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Why Do Black Liberals Hate Black Republicans So Much?

The women of "The View" were quick to attack South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott's presidential campaign, with Whoopi Goldberg claiming he has "Clarence Thomas syndrome."

Whoopi and her co-hosts made it a point to say Sen. Scott and others like him, are out of touch with what they claim are the 'real' black men.

"If he's got 'Clarence Thomas syndrome' or whatever she thinks, I would love to have that. I think Clarence Thomas is honorable. He's honest. He's intelligent. He's an independent thinker," says Dr. Robin Armstrong, Galveston County commissioner and RNC region vice chair.

"We have an epidemic fatherlessness right now that has to be addressed. We've got some problems in the black community that we need to address, but the Democrat Party is not allowing that because they're fostering this sense of victimhood. As long as they continue to do that, we'll never see solutions to these problems."

Armstrong says unfortunately, Democrats oppose school choice and the idea of equal opportunity.

"Education is the civil rights issue of today. If we can get African-American parents the ability to choose what school they send their kids to, that's going to improve the lives of a lot of people."

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) Announces His Run For President At Rally In North Charleston

Photo: Getty Images

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