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Texas Legislature Passes Bill to End Yearly Vehicle Inspections

A bill to end vehicle safety inspections in Texas is waiting for Gov. Greg Abbott's signature, but Houston area drivers will still have to comply with federal emission standards.

Former state senator Don Huffines was first to push for end to vehicle inspections several years ago, but admits the law passed this year, HB 3297, could still be better.

"The state mandated safety inspection is going away for all of Texas. The emission test will still be required in certain counties that have clean air standards. Some of that is federal government regulations. But some of that could go away also," says Huffines.

"All of this is a ripoff. A ripoff of the most precious thing you have in life, which is your time, and second is your money," he says. "It's not working and it never has worked. It's a scam for those who do the inspections to make more money, and it certainly isn't justifiable for brand new vehicles."

Texas drivers will still have to pay a registration fee as well.

"I'd like to see that money part go away also, which it didn't. But if this is the best way to get rid of the 'time' part, we'll take it," says Huffines.

There are currently 22 million vehicles registered in Texas.

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