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Survey shows Hispanics in Texas disapprove of Biden's border handling

New numbers from the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation show somewhat surprising numbers about how Latino's in Texas feel about the border crisis. The left media would have you believe most are in favor of the open border, but the survey shows a whopping 62% of Texan Hispanics disapprove of how the border surge is being handled. Of those 62%, a total of 46% 'strongly disapprove.'

Maria Espinoza of The Remembrance Project says none of these numbers are surprising, especially when it comes to the small South Texas towns.

"People are just fed up...especially those on the border in those border towns, who are Latinos themselves," she says. "They are mad because they are seeing crime increase exponentially. They have been crying out to the Governor for help, and received nothing."

To that note, around 45% say they disapprove of Governor Greg Abbott's border efforts.

The Left media would have you believe that Hispanics in Texas are especially receptive to an open border for all. But Espinoza says...most actually share the views of Republican's won most matters, when it comes down to it.

"Repelling the invasion is exactly what Latino's want, and it is exactly what this country needs," she says. "Most Latino's I have talked to...they want to be known as American first, and not painted as if they support illegal immigration."

Because we share the border with Mexico specifically, you might think everyone crossing the border is either a Mexican national, or hails from a Central American country like Honduras.

However, that is not the case, according to former US Marshal Roberto Almonte.

They estimate that these people coming to the United States are coming from around 140 different countries," he says. "That is very alarming...we do not know who any of these people are."

As Espinoza mentioned earlier, she places some of the blame squarely on the shoudlers of our Governor.

"Governor Abbott with Operation Lone Star...it simply is expediting processing these illegal immigrants into the United States, and Texas," she says.

She adds as well that if the surge continues, we can expect to see more Americans dying at the hands of illegals who cross the border.

Photo: Getty Images

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