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Have You Cleaned Out the Photos on Your Phone Lately?

Here's a list that Texas didn't score too high in. "Phlushing" is cleaning out the digital photos from your smartphone. This was sent to us by Mixbook Photo Company. Check out the link to get the map showing where each state ranks.

In this digital age, Americans are able to quickly capture moments that matter most to them. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can capture photos of special events, record videos of their adorable pets, or capture a stunning memory of the evening sunset. 

It’s no wonder that they find themselves reaching for their phones to document every meaningful detail of their lives. Thanks to the convenience of technology, people can not only capture their precious memories but also hold onto them forever.   

At Mixbook we believe that the photos people take tell a beautiful story, and we want to empower them to turn those photos into a tangible memory through photo goods. That’s why we were curious to know how many photos and videos Americans “phlush away” by never looking back at them or taking them out of their smartphone. 

To learn more about the digital dust Americans accumulate, we surveyed 1,967 smartphone owners about the pictures and videos in their camera roll. Read on to find out more about the precious memories that are just taking space on Americans’ devices and what they do with images that do make it out in the world.

Key Takeaways

  • States who phlush away memories most are Indiana, California, and Mississippi. 
  • A majority of people (80%) have pictures or videos on their phone that they haven't looked at since the day they took them.
  • The number of photos or videos they have on their phone overwhelms 55% of people.
  • People have on average 3,139 pictures and videos on their phone.
  • Half of the respondents say they do nothing with the photos and videos they take on their phone.

States That Phlush Away Memories Most

The moments you spend with your loved ones are truly priceless and deserve to be cherished for years to come. Sadly, all too often the precious moments, milestones, and life’s little joys get phlushed away on our phones. 

A better approach to take with your memories, one that will make sure your memories stand the test of time, is to unleash your creativity and create a personalized photo book for your images. Despite the potential of creating something with high sentimental value, people all across America let the stories of their lives go untouched and forgotten. In fact, 80% of people have pictures or videos on their phones that they haven’t looked at since the day they took them. While our phones make it easy to capture and store memories, they don’t necessarily encourage us to engage with them in a meaningful way. Across the nation, we found that the U.S. states most likely to phlush away their memories by never looking back on the pictures they take were Indiana, California, and Mississippi. 

Technology can be unreliable, and you wouldn’t want to risk losing your precious moments forever. That’s why it’s important to transform your camera roll into physical photo goods like photo books, prints, or calendars. 

Fortunately, the Mixbook mobile app now features a powerful machine learning technology that scans photo metadata and selects, labels and groups photos based on the story they tell. This simplifies photo curation and enables an easy photo book creation process, empowering customers to spend less time organizing their memories, and more time enjoying them. 

When you create something tangible, you can look back on memories in a more meaningful way than just scrolling through your phone. So, don’t let your memories get lost in a digital dungeon. Invest time into turning them into something you can hold onto for a lifetime and something that generations to come will value.  

The Memories That Makeup American's Camera Roll 

It’s no secret that Americans love to take photos. In fact, the average American stores a whopping 3,139 pictures and videos in their phone camera roll. 

With a large collection of memories stored on their devices, it’s no surprise that many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of content they own. Our respondents revealed that 55% have felt overwhelmed by the number of photos or videos they have on their phones. 

To learn more about the photos Americans take, we asked respondents to tell us what most of the photos on their phones are about. We asked them to select one of nine categories: family, food, friends, information, kids, partner, pets, scenery, and themselves. Spoiler alert, the majority of Americans used their phones to take photos of their pets. 

photo; Getty Images

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