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Trump Heads To Texas This Weekend – If He’s Not In Jail

After a wild week of rumors, and wall to wall coverage, former president Donald Trump is coming to Texas!

In his first 2024 re-election rally, Trump will hit the Waco airport tomorrow afternoon.

"We are very excited here in Waco" said Brad Holland, the GOP Chair of McLennan County, "We don't often get presidential level candidates coming through, but it has certainly put the whole county abuzz, and we're expecting a very big event. The buzz and enthusiasm is very high here."

So is Trump's popularity in central Texas. In 2020, he won McLennan County by more than 20 points.

"He may raise more money in Houston, Dallas, or Austin" Holland told KTRH, "But if you're going to win a Republican primary in Texas, you're going to do so in the red areas of Texas, and there are very few areas that are as red as Waco. So he's coming to where the base needs to be, and where the race needs to be won. We're happy to have him here."

Tickets to the rally are free, but you have to register on-line to get them. Gates open at 11am, but they ask that you arrive no later than 1pm, with Trump set to speak at around 5pm.

Former President Trump Holds Rally In Support Of Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance

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