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Columnist: Corporate Media Running Cover for Biden's Open Border Policies

Corporate media was quick to point out border apprehensions were down last month, but they continue to ignore the humanitarian and now fentanyl crisis created by President Joe Biden's open border policies.

The Federalist's Jordan Boyd says liberal media quickly turned a blind eye to the border when Biden took office, and has covered for the president ever since.

"It is true there were 11,000 less arrests in February than there were the month before. But when you compare that to the grand scheme of data, we are astronomically off the charts."

Many outlets just repeat the White House narrative.

"When the corporate media does report on things, there's a massive spin that any American can eyes can see is just fulfilling an agenda," says Boyd.

"When Biden actually does say something remotely close to addressing the border, the corporate media run to the hills to shill for him and pretend like he's doing something. But that's not reflected in the numbers."

Biden's own border patrol chief contradicted that narrative, yet many outlets downplayed it or ignored it altogether.


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