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Report: GOP Considers "Freeze Out" of Mainstream Media

There's talk that Republicans plan to put a "freeze" on mainstream media heading into the 2024 election.

DePauw University's Jeff McCall says it's possible with social media, podcasts and other outlets, but thinks it's a bad idea, allowing someone else to drive the narrative.

"Even thought he influence of the mainstream media has been mitigated in recent years, there is still an influence. They do set a lot of the agenda. You ignore them at your peril."

He believes confronting them head-on is better, like Gov. Ron DeSantis or Kari Lake.

"She didn't back down, but she was clever enough to disarm them at times with her point of view," says McCall. "Sometimes she made news that she did disarm people and engage the media."

McCall insists healthy debate is more constructive than a media freeze.

"People talk a lot about how much audience Tucker Carlson has on Fox News every evening, but Joe Rogan has like three times the number of listeners than Tucker Carlson has viewers," he says.

"So even people like Joe Rogan can help get a message out."


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