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President Obrador: Mexico Safer Than U.S.

Mexico's president claims his country is safer than the U.S., as he pushes back against travel warnings following the recent kidnappings and murders of Americans.

Gary J. Hale, nonresident fellow in drug policy and Mexico studies at Rice University's Baker Institute, says President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a socialist, who hates what he believes is an oppressive America.

"He's very anti-American and he's going to say anything and everything that is opposite to what we say, even if it's ludicrous," he says.

President Obrador also argued fentanyl was a U.S. problem, not his.

"Those statements that he made about there's no fentanyl in Mexico. Fentanyl is not produced in Mexico. Fentanyl is not used in Mexico. It's like a fantasy. It's just not reality," says Hale.

"He know what he is saying. He's saying it, no different than (Vladimir) Putin saying we're going to go to Ukraine to get rid of the Nazis. Everybody know that's not true. Everybody knows that's just propaganda."

Data shows Mexico's homicide rate is among the highest in the world, with more than 100,000 Mexicans and migrants still reported missing.


Photo: Getty Images

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