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Results of Biden's Open Border Policies Only Getting Worse

As bad and chaotic the southern border appears to be, leave it to President Joe Biden to make things even worse.

Not only has Biden allowed roughly five million illegal aliens into the U.S. in just two years, roughly 600,000 were released without any notice to appear in court.

"That's a population the size of Boston or D.C. that is not U.S. citizens, has no visa and has just been told to yeah, come on in. And we have no idea what they're doing, who they are or what they're up to," says former immigration judge Matthew O'Brien, director of investigations at the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

Things are so bad, numbers are spiking along our northern border.

"There have been instances of Mexicans flying into Canada, which has very laxed transit-without-visa requirements, and then sneaking over the border into the United States," says O'Brien.

Border Patrol apprehended 98 people on our terror watch list last fiscal year. Now there's been a 176 percent uptick in Chinese nationals showing up in Texas.

"That's a major cause for concern," says O'Brien. "The fact is, you need permission from the government of China to leave China. So if those folks are showing up here, they're showing up with the knowledge of the federal government."

US Border Patrol Receives Asylum Seekers In Texas' Rio Grande Valley

Photo: Getty Images North America

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