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Professor Sues UT for Violating Free Speech on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

The University of Texas has until Friday afternoon to respond to a lawsuit filed by a tenured professor who claims his free speech is being violated.

Professor Richard Lowery expressed his concerns to KTRH News last year about UT's diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Lowery may be tenured, but his connection to a policy center and $20,000 a year stipend is not.

"In so many words, we've got to get Richard to tone down his speech or we may not renew his status with the Salem Center next year. So that's the threat," said attorney Del Kolde.

The lawsuit names three UT officials and seeks free speech protection for Lowery.

"The injunction request to the court is essentially to protect Richard, to get the threats to stop and to keep the officials from being able carry through their threat and take away part of his salary and his affiliation with the Salem Center."

Kolde represents other professors with similar cases around the nation.

"Diversity, equity and inclusion has become kind of a secular religion. And a lot of universities, particularly state universities, and many of the administrators are enforcing that secular religion. And they don't like any criticism of it."

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