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Harris County's Election Incompetence Sparks Debate Over Tougher Laws

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is piggybacking on Gov. Greg Abbott's criticism of Harris County elections by calling for a complete do-over.

The comments certainly caught the attention of local Republican voters, but Rice University's Mark Jones says getting a judge to sign off on a complete redo of last year's elections is highly unlikely.

"If Republicans have hundreds or thousands of voters who tried to vote but were unable to vote, then we should be seeing afidavits from those individuals. And to date, I have not seen any," says Jones.

Jones says it's more about pressuring the Texas Legislature to pass tougher election laws.

"That could be putting election monitors in place to prevent fraud or at least errors. Or providing more oversight of county election administrators when they have essentially shown themselves as being incompetent, as is the case in Harris County."

Meanwhile, no trial date has been set for nearly two dozen GOP candidates contesting the results.

"Harris County election administration has to step up its game. We can't have this continued incompetence we've experienced over the past few cycles," says Jones.

"That said, I have not seen any evidence that's convincing thus far that anything in this incompetence tilted the playing field one way or the other."

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