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Pandemic is Over, But Biden COVID Handouts Continue

President Joe Biden says he'll suspend his national COVID emergency in May, but the White House is still offering costly handouts.

The latest cost estimate of Biden's income-driven payment plan for student loans is $361 billion over ten years -- double what the White House proposed. That's on top of $469 billion in direct loan forgiveness.

"This is a real mistake on the part of Biden. He is so busy throwing money up into the air, you wonder how the country will get back on track where people are expected to pay their bills," says Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

Norquist believes this was the plan all along.

"Part of this is in fact is the Democratic Party and Biden trying to teach young people you don't have to work for a living, you can vote for a living," says Norquist.

He says Biden will only stop spending other people's money when he runs out of other people's money.

Student Loan Borrowers Celebrate President Biden Cancelling Student Debt And Fight To Start The Fight To Cancel The Next Round

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