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New CBP Pursuit Rules Puts Added Pressure on Texas DPS, Local Agencies

Biden's Customs and Border Protection is moving toward a more "risk-based model" when it comes to vehicle pursuits, adding pressure onto an already overworked Texas DPS and local sheriff departments.

According to the Epoch Times, agents must determine that vehicular pursuits are “necessary and objectively reasonable” under the rules, and they can terminate a pursuit at any time without fear of questioning from superiors.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe is a former border patrol agent. He calls the updated policy too confusing, which results in no CBP pursuits at all.

"Anytime you do a broad paint brush-type deal to a scenario like that and it's subject to interpretation from chief-to-chief, supervisor-to-supervisor, if you don't pursue them, everything starts to run from you."

Kinney County has seen pursuits increase from 61 in 2020 to 139 last year.

"We're 1,400 square miles, right at 3,200 people for the whole county. Just over this weekend we had 10 separate smuggling events in a three-day period. We are busy non-stop," says Coe.

Sheriff Coe says he'll continue to pursue human and drug traffickers until they get a handle on things.

"Our backroads, we have 60 miles to the next town. So we have plenty time to get people in front us and try to get vehicles spiked and stopped before they reach the next metropolitan area."


Photo: AFP

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