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Teachers' Union Pushed Woke Polices While Math Scores Plummeted Under COVID

Recent math scores show COVID lockdowns erased all gains made by U.S. school kids over the past two decades, yet there's still no plan from the teacher union nor Biden administration to help kids catch up.

Education freedom advocate Sam Sorbo blames teacher unions and overpaid administrators for putting a generation of our children behind the eight ball.

"We can see very clearly from the way they responded to COVID, their interest was not in having children learn. Their interest was simply in shutting down the schools and actually making children suffer."

Recent school board elections should result in some change, but Sorbo says it's not enough unless schools drop their leftist agenda.

"The parents who have managed to switch their school boards, it's possible they'll see a little bit of movement in some of the materials," she says. "But the curricula is the curricula. If they're not going to completely swap out the new curricula for the old curricula prior to Common Core, then I don't hold out much hope."

Meanwhile, there's been no talk nationally of mandatory summer school or year-round classes to get kids back on track.

"School are not invested in having children learn academics," says Sorbo. "They're much more invested in having children learn false doctrine."

Failing grade

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