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It's Another Liberal Scheme To Get You To Stop Driving Your Car

Joe Biden's war on gas and oil has been great for the radical Democrat base, and even better for electric car sales. But the one thing that it has hurt the most? The gas tax! So, it should not come as a surprise to anyone, that the left is now looking into a pay-per mile, road tax.

"What that means is, it's a toll for every mile you drive" said Terri Hall with the group, 'Texans For Toll-Free Highways', "That's what a mileage based tax is, and it's the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats."

Several states have already begun trying out the plan, with a growing push to ramp it up.

"The per-mile tax is really the only thing they're studying to make a change from the gas tax to a different type of funding" said Beth Brelje, reporter for The Epoch Times, "But nobody is talking about getting rid of the federal gas tax, or even state gas taxes."

Thankfully, Texans have been on it since they tried a pilot program back in 2013.

"I do fear that this is one method for government tracking, and a potential carbon tax coming down the road" Hall told KTRH, "And that is not something that Texans want.

She noted that Texas voters have already approved more funding for roads over the years, with the passing of Prop 1 and Prop 7.

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